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Headed High - Marc Pierce Elk Sculpture

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Price: $247.00

This "Headed High" sculpture is meticulously handcrafted by artists based on Marc Pierce's own life experiences. Each piece comes with a copy of the story from which it was inspired:

“As an elk hunter and a fan of these great animals, one thing that has always amazed me about them is their ability to cover a lot of ground in a hurry. It’s such a heartbreaker when you’re close enough to sense pay dirt; only to have something go wrong. A shift in the wind, another hunter in the area, or God only knows what, and suddenly you hear them crashing through timber and running in the other direction. After days of hiking or riding, they’re suddenly a mile away. Or straight up a hill. These big boys just got spooked and they’re doing what big bulls do: they’re headed into the thickest, darkest, nastiest blow-down timber in the county. That’s why you’ll be chasing them again next season.”

15.25"l x 7.50"w x 12"h

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  • $247.00